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Anons, attack. (Reblogging this again because I really want them.)

@ Have you ever self-harmed? Why?
# Relationship with your father?
$ Relationship with your mother?
% Who is your most loved person?
^ Have you ever been bullied?
& What is your sexuality?
☼ Who makes you the happiest?
* What is the most heroic thing you've ever done?
+ What calms you down when you're upset?
♥ Have you ever fallen in love?
¤ Had your heart broken?
© Have you been betrayed in the past? How?
¶ Who do you miss the most?
§ Have you ever attempted suicide?
! Share a secret?
( IC only )
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“I actually believe you have a choice. I wouldn’t be enough anyway, I may lure humans and vampires for you, but I’d prefer if I didn’t have to run for my life. Right now.”

“Wouldn’t be enough? I’ll decide that… come, I’ll make it enjoyable for you.”

Aido’s face lowered, looking like a pissed child for a minute as he considered options. Nothing in the other’s eyes inspired trust, and yet they were kind of hypnotizing, either by their colors or some power the pureblood could be using at the moment. He ran a hand through his blond locks, looking more and more confused until a grave yawn escaped from his mouth, revealing his teeth in such an unglamourous way. “I should be by Kaname’s side right now!” he came up with this really flat excuse. Rido was mental torture, and for some reasons, he felt even physically dried by this simple conversation. He found enough strength to walk away, simply walk, controlling his heartbeats and mentally crossing fingers, even praying for Kaname to be around if Rido just didn’t let him go.


”eto..hello aidou-senpai”

"Yuuki-chaaan!" Aido said, looking left and right before he let himself get familiar with the young girl. "How are you today? Do you have something sweet to say to me? I only got scolded at so far." Yuuki’s caring eyes, it was what Aido loved abusing of. As long as he didn’t get caught it would be fine for his health.


Zero-chan? Blinking at the name, he brushed it off. He was in no position to get annoyed here, on school grounds. If it was night time, it might be different, but during the day there were other students, ones who didn’t know about vampires. However, when he was suddenly pressed against the other, side-to-side, he felt that he was getting irritated. “… I suggest that you not do that, unless you want me to come to your room later on and blow a hole in your head.” It was true, he had grown fond of the blonde, but no enough that would keep him from harming him.

"Come on what’s wrong with this~" Aido said theatrically, his free arm churning in large circles. He didn’t look much threatened by Zero but he knew how Zero was likely to press the trigger for a sigh, stirring trouble with no worries about consequences for himself or anyone around him. That was something I envied Zero somehow. "I know you just don’t want to see the girls waving banners shipping you and I tonight, but I think it would be actually fun." On these criminal words, Aido parted and twirled many times all around Zero to see what kind of threat he’d get this time.


Not to you, nope. With all the respect I owe to you, I’ll always try to be out of your reach for my own safety. I’m a fool maybe, just not suicidal enough for these games;; unless my own interest are highly threatened.

“It amuses me that you aristocrats think you have a choice in the matter. But I am so terribly hungry… Aido…”

"I actually believe you have a choice. I wouldn’t be enough anyway, I may lure humans and vampires for you, but I’d prefer if I didn’t have to run for my life. Right now."

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Lilac hues locked onto the form of one of the few vampires that he actually got along with. “.. Hanabusa.” A nod was given to the other in a somewhat friendly greeting as he stuffed his hands into the pockets of his jeans. 


Aido was in no mood to laugh, walking past everyone he knew with a lot of concerns in his mind. He wouldn’t have noticed Zero if the latter didn’t speak out. The thing was: Zero actually talked to him. The blond vampire’s eyes nearly glistened at the attention, shifting to his fangirl act for a few seconds to annoy the other student a bit. “Missed me?” On these two last words, Aido’s voice turned grave and his arm locked the other’s shoulders next to his, giving the kind of warm greeting that was hard to explain.

What have I done?

What have I done?

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Dear Aido,


My body hurts. I…Can’t do anything without feeling pain. It hurts to know you’re gone and…And it is all my fault. I should talk to Yuuki but…She doesn’t understand. All the while these letters are getting shorter and shorter. I said I’ve given up but…I can’t. I felt you in my arms, heard your voice in those nights. 

You couldn’t have been a dream. I refuse to believe it.

Love, Sayori

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Dear Aido,


It really was a dream, right? You saying those things, the bite, the kiss, the dates. Everything. I…I give.

Love, Sayori

Dear Aido,


I have nothing to say. I am slowly giving up. I love you.

Love, Sayori.

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